Maintenance - Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance ensures trouble free operation of the machines.
We have 3 different preventive maintenance plans depending of the service level you need.

Service agreements

To make it easy for you, we provide three distinct kinds of standardized service agreements for Stenhøj equipment, choose one and get a significantly better return on investment.
You don’t have to sign up for a Stenhøj service agreement when you purchase your new equipment there. But the benefits are considerable.

• Lower life cycle costs of your Stenhøj equipment
• Avoid disruptive downtime and lost revenue
• Benefit from all the latest technology updates and improvements Stenhøj has become

Read more about our different contracts here

Unscheduled Maintenance

On rare occasions even the best fail. Don’t worry—our experienced technicians know exactly how to get you in operation again.
We also have the necessary spare parts on hand.

Service & Support Hotline

Tel: +45 2634 1322
We normally reply to hotline emails within 1 hour on working days.

Stenhøj RS – Reality Service

Stenhøj RS is live, over-the-shoulder collaboration.
Through augmented reality (AR) we combine live video, audio and annotations of the live shared view.
We send you a link to download an app on your cell phone and 5 minutes later your technician is literally in the hands of one of our experts. 
Quick access to support anywhere in the world resulting in improved equipment availability and lower maintenance costs.